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Rumor: Nikon D4x DSLR

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At some point, the Nikon D3 series will be replaced, presumably with the D4 series. If Nikon continues its current trend, that means at some point a Nikon D4x will also be released.

Below are a list of rumors regarding the Nikon D4x DSLR, newest first. Please rate how credible you believe these to be, and feel free to add your own comments/thoughts. If you have any more information, please email us at or click Rumors Wanted. We'll continue to add new rumors to this page as we come across them.

After voting, please refresh the page to see the updated results.



Rumor Description:


Late 2012

Date: 8/2/2011
Source: Thom Hogan

Rating: 2/5, Votes: 1

Thom is saying August 24th for the D700 and D300s replacements (posted on July 30th if it is no longer on his homepage).

NikonRumors is saying the same - likely has the same source.

We've heard from other sourced before '2 full frame bodies in August', which ties into this, although the D400/D4 combination is what most people seem to be anticipating.

Thom goes on to predict Feb 2012 for the D400 and late 2012 or beyond for the D4x.

Source: Thom Hogan on 8/2/2011.

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Two FX Bodies in August

Date: 7/25/2011
Source: NR

Rating: 1.3/5, Votes: 3

According to an email received by NR, two FX bodies will be announced in August, available in the fall.

What is widely expected in August is a new D4 and D400 (which would be the top-of-the-line DX body, not FX).

If this email is correct, that means a D4 and either a D4x or D800 in August. The key word in the last sentence is 'if'.

Source: NR on 7/25/2011.

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32Mp Sony Sensor

Date: 6/20/2011
Source: NR

Rating: 1/5, Votes: 1

NR is speculating that the D3s replacement may be based on a rumored 32mp sensor that may appear in a rumored Sony Alpha A920 camera.

While Nikon does indeed work closely with Sony on sensor development for many of its cameras, this is currently merely speculation based on a rumor.

Source: NR on 6/20/2011.

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42 Megapixel

Date: 1/21/2011
Source: CanonRumors

Rating: 1.8/5, Votes: 8

According to (yes that's right, they are commenting on Nikon), they expect the next high megapixel camera from Nikon (presumably the D4x or equivalent) to be 42mp, and arrive at the end of 2011 or early 2012.

We've herd nothing that gives any credibility to the megapixel number (especially this far out), but the the timing sounds about right, possible a little early.

Source: CanonRumors on 1/21/2011.

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We've published the first part of our 2011 predictions, covering what we expect from Nikon and Canon in terms of pro DSLR bodies in 2011.

Source: DentonImages 2011 Predictions on 11/16/2010.

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Hogan Predicts

Date: 11/9/2010
Source: Thom Hogan

Rating: 3.5/5, Votes: 2

Thom Hogan has published his 2011 predictions (see source link below).

He expects the D4 to be announced by August 2011, which tracks well with prior releases.

He also predicts a new Nikon 18mp sensor with at least D3-like capability, maybe better. We'd be surprised if ISO performance was worse than the D3S, since this isn't an area you want to step backwards with your top of the line pro workhorse.

Thom also predicts a completely new AF system (the CAM 3500 will be 4 years old by then, so we'd be amazed if it didn't have a new AF system), and a better metering system upgraded from D7000.

Other predictions include hard core video features (obvious), Integrated GPS (not so sure), USB 3.0 (would make sense), and updated UDMA specs (again, makes sense).

Thom also poses the question "will Nikon release a D4h and D4x, or D4 only?". Assuming there is no D3Xs (he's not expecting one), the D3X will be coming up for its 3rd birthday by late summer 2011, and will be prime for an update. Putting out a D4X with the new AF system (and presumably new, higher-resolution sensor) around that time does make a lot of sense. But as he also points out, with the D700 replacement expected as well, that's a lot of new FX bodies in a short time to push into the lineup.

Source: Thom Hogan on 11/9/2010.

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High Megapixel

Date: 9/27/2010
Source: CR

Rating: 1/5, Votes: 4

CR claims to have information indicating that both Canon and Nikon are aiming for very high megapixel flagship cameras, presumably the D4x and 1Ds Mark IV, near the end of 2011. He goes on to claim they will be somewhere in the 35-45 mp range.

CR further speculates that before then, both Canon & Nikon will release big megapixel cameras to come above the D700 & 5D Mark II, likely in the 28-32mp range.

No indication as to the credibility of the information was given. The D4x/1D Mark IV information sounds plausible, but since the announcement could be over a year away doesn't really mean much and could be subject to change.

The Canon in the 28-32mp range could well be the 5D Mark III, which is widely expected some time in 2011.

As to the 28-32mp camera 'above' the D700 (as opposed to a replacement?), that generates more questions than it answers. A D700 'replacement' almost certainly wouldn't have such a high MP count (more megapixels means more data throughput, which requires more processing power - the current D700 does 8 f.p.s. gripped at 14-bits, the current D3x drops to under 2 f.p.s. when in 14-bit mode, so such a high megapixel camera would almost certainly be aimed at a different customer than the current D700, more along the lines of the fabled D700x).

It also begs questions about Nikon's sensor strategy - new sensors have just come out in the D7000 and D3100, we are expecting a new sensor in the D4 and D4x, so are they really going to produce yet another big, high mp sensor as well? Time will tell.

Source: CR on 9/27/2010.

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Nikon Surveys Medium Format Photographers

Date: 5/3/2010
Source: NR

Rating: 2.5/5, Votes: 2

Just when you thought the Nikon medium format rumors were dead and buried, NR reports that Nikon UK have been surveying UK medium format photographers, asking about gear they use etc.

As NR points out, this is more likely a survey related to the D3x (and possibly plans for a D3xs or D4x), since the marketing of this camera was largely based around its value as an alternative to Medium Format.

Source: NR on 5/3/2010.

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34.8 Megapixels

Date: 9/18/2009
Source: PR

Busted Rumor

Rating: 1/5, Votes: 4

OK this one is a stretch:

PhotoRumors has posted information on a CCD sensor being developed by Sony for a pro studio Alpha camera, boasting 34.8 megapixels, ISO 50-3200, 3.4 frames per second (14 bit) etc.

Now assuming that is real (big assumption), it's an established fact that Sony and Nikon collaborate on sensor design - the most recent example being the D3x sensor, which is made by Sony and appears to be a much improved derivative of the sensor found in the Sony Alpha A900 and A850.

So assuming this sensor is real, and assuming it will appear in a Alpha Studio camera next year, then there is a strong possibility that an improved derivative of this sensor could appear in a Nikon D4x some time in 2011. Told you it was a stretch.

Source: PR on 9/18/2009.

To see the current voting/comments on this rumor, and to add your comment, click here.


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Alleged Nikon Roadmap says Q4 2010

A user on a Czech forum (here via has posted what he claims may be from a 37 page Nikon document outlining Nikons product release roadmap for 2009-2010.

Here is what it says about the Nikon D4X:

Released 4th Quarter 2010 Nikon D4X - new features: 30.2 millions, FX sensor completely new design with maximized by increasing the sensitivity of more than 1 EV as "ultra-fast pixel register cache", which allows to double the frame rate or increase dynamic range, including effective aid noise reduction with natural lodging details. [S] 6.736 x 4.490 Continuous high-speed mode: FX 6 fps, 10 fps with a double-exposure phase detection AF & mirror up 5/sec., DR enhanced double-exposure mode: Auto, manual setting of time for both the ISO and exposure in "M", "A", "S" and "P" mode with a semi-double exposure corrections in the range of + -5 EV in the range of 1 s. and 1 / 8000 p. and ISO 200-6400 Format dNEF, ISO 100 - 6400, Lo-1, Hi 1 Movie - mode: 1920 * 1080 at 30 fps

Our Take:

Too early for the D4x, would make the D3x product life cycle less than 2 years. The in-camera HDR (double exposure to increase dynamic range) is straight out of Thom Hogans wish list.

The full translation (translated using Google Translate) of the original post can be found in our forums - see the source link below.

Update:The same poster posted this further down the thread when someone asked him to produce the document, basically saying he found out it was a 'little joke' after spending 3 hours translating it (via Google Translate):

The answer came to me by mail:

  • I idiot when I disclose
  • It's little joke allegedly staff with responsibilities for their beloved colleagues and supervisors with shipper from the center
  • So it's supposedly fancy, but had to give mad work was concerned about his colleagues were extremely happy and very creative. And from me therefore I did laugh and I to 3 hours to translate.

Source: Translation on DI Forum on 7/9/2009.

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