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Nikon D90 Reviews:

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More on the Nikon D90:

   Nikon D90 Overview
   Nikon D90 User Ratings/Reviews
   Nikon D90 Price History

In This Article:

   Nikon D90 Pro Reviews
   Latest Nikon D90 Pricing
   Nikon D90 User Reviews

DSLR Rating:

Rating: 4.2/5, Votes: 31
Rating: 4.2/5, Votes: 31
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Nikon D90

Nikon D90 Pro Reviews

Reviews shown below are listed highest rated reviewer first. If you disagree with the order, please Rate the Reviewer.



Review: Nikon D90
Bottom line, our first impression of the Nikon D90 is that it is a very capable, very easy to use camera – the fact my wife liked it speaks volumes. Read the full review.

Thom Hogan

Review: Nikon D90
The D90 will stay in my "active roster" simply because it makes a nice walk around DSLR. Light, a bit more compact than the D300, and with very good image quality I can count on. Read the full review.


Review: Nikon D90
The Nikon D90 provides definitively "All you need to fuel your passion for photography" and a little bit more ... Nevertheless, the Nikon D90 represents an exceptionally sound package all-in-all. Highly recommended! Read the full review.

Review: Nikon D90
Despite some minor misgivings about the Nikon D90 I loved working with it and in some cases I preferred it for my professional work - the image quality is that good. Read the full review.

Review: Nikon D90
We described the D80 as a photographer's camera and, despite the addition of video, the D90 appears to share that same ethos ... but it's the way the features have been chosen and put together that make it the camera that it is. Read the full review.

DC Resource

Review: Nikon D90
My impression of the D90 is the total opposite: it blew me away. In terms of photo quality, manual controls, performance, customizability, and yes, its movie mode, the D90 is a home run. Read the full review.

Imaging Resource

Review: Nikon D90
The Nikon D90 felt so much like the Nikon D80 that I had to check the badge to make sure I hadn't picked up the wrong camera. Even the new lens felt pretty much the same, if a little shorter. Read the full review.


Review: Nikon D90
During extensive nature, action, travel and portrait photography, the D90 proved to be unusually fast, reliable and versatile. In terms of image quality, it was competitive with more expensive cameras. Read the full review.


Review: Nikon D90
As a still camera, the D90 continues Nikon's strong record in the midrange. While its videomaking is more than a little clunky, it's the first (and, for now, the least expensive) DSLR with this capability. Read the full review.

Ken Rockwell

Review: Nikon D90
The Nikon D90 is a fantastic camera. It's Nikon's newest and best DX format DSLR ... If you're considering a D300, forget it. Get the D90 instead. Read the full review.

Review: Nikon D90
In use, the D90 felt extremely responsive, could lock focus quickly and confidently on virtually anything, while the meter handled almost any scene you threw at it very well ... Read the full review.

Digital Camera Review

Review: Nikon D90
... the D90 is targeting folks looking for something just a bit above an entry-level body, not the high end of the performance spectrum. In this regard the D90 offers sparkling performance at a bargain price, and movies if you want ‘em. Read the full review.

Latest Nikon D90 Pricing

Below is the latest pricing for the Nikon D90 from multiple vendors. Please note, that some retailers can only advertise the Minimum Advertised Price from certain manufacturers, so going to their site and adding to a cart may give a lower price than shown below.

Nikon D90 User Reviews

Below are our user reviews. You can also: Add Your Review.



D90 Dude


Recommended: Yes

Pros: Awesome for the price

Cons: Movie mode doesn't have auto focus

A great camera for the price. Competes with the higher priced line of Nikon for much less money.



Recommended: Yes

5 Stars

Pros: Great ISO, very capable camera

Cons: Video could be better

Amazing little camera, fantastic image quality. Only real downside is that the Video mode could be improved (like adding auto-focus, more control over exposure - although I bought it as a DSLR not a Video camera).



1 Stars

Pros: Video mode

Cons: Very cheap build quality, Soft JPG output, disappointing AWB

I was initially interested in the extra feature of the video HD, which was mediocre at best, no AF? What were you thinking Nikon? I also found this to be on the cheap side in terms of build quality. When holding, almost feels like a toy. It certainly doesnt make you think your holding a mid-range camera, but more a budget dslr. I would recommend the 450D over the D90 anyday. The D90 is essentially a "poor man's D300" if you cant afford it, dont skimp for this camera by all means.

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Sony Cyber-shot H55:$199.00
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