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Nikon D3000 Reviews:

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More on the Nikon D3000:

   Nikon D3000 Overview
   Nikon D3000 User Ratings/Reviews
   Nikon D3000 Price History

In This Article:

   Nikon D3000 Pro Reviews
   Latest Nikon D3000 Pricing
   Nikon D3000 User Reviews

DSLR Rating:

Rating: 3.1/5, Votes: 10
Rating: 3.1/5, Votes: 10
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Nikon D3000

Nikon D3000 Pro Reviews

Reviews shown below are listed highest rated reviewer first. If you disagree with the order, please Rate the Reviewer.



Review: Nikon D3000
There is no doubt that the D3000 is an evolutionary, rather than revolutionary update, but the few features that have been added to the D3000 compared to the D60 are of real value, and the 11-point AF system alone makes the D3000 a ... Read the full review.

Imaging Resource

Review: Nikon D3000
Though we're sad to see the excellent Nikon D40 fade into history, Nikon has introduced what appears to be a good quality successor with the D3000. Indeed, the D3000 seems to be an amalgam of most of what was great about the ... Read the full review.


Review: Nikon D3000
During extensive action, travel and wedding photography, the D3000 proved to be very responsive in most situations. For an affordable DSLR, it was surprisingly fast and reliable. In terms of image quality ... Read the full review.

Ken Rockwell

Review: Nikon D3000
The D3000 Nikon's newest inexpensive DSLR. It's a good camera all by itself, but it's the worst DSLR Nikon has ever made. What makes it worse by comparison is significantly slower and balkier operation when compared to ... Read the full review.

Latest Nikon D3000 Pricing

Below is the latest pricing for the Nikon D3000 from multiple vendors. Please note, that some retailers can only advertise the Minimum Advertised Price from certain manufacturers, so going to their site and adding to a cart may give a lower price than shown below.

Nikon D3000 User Reviews

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Nikon D3100:$599.95
Canon T3 1100D:$595.00
Sony Cyber-shot H55:$199.00
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Nikon 85mm:$489.95
Canon 70-200mm:$2,449.95
Sony 30mm:$199.00
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